Who are the DOLs?
The year was 1998...

Once upon a time, on the World Wide Web, a group of women converged on an Internet message board hosted by Entertainment Weekly magazine and bonded over a shared love of the movie Titanic and its leading man, Leonardo DiCaprio. It wasn't long before they discovered a mutual like, oh, who are we kidding, lust for M-E-N. Actors, athletes, musicians, comedians, you name it, we love 'em!

The DOLs have continued to celebrate the finest things, be they male, music, movies, but most of all, friendship.

Perhaps the best description of just what a DOL is and what it means to be a DOL was penned by the Original DOL, pagoda.

What is a DOL?

A romantic film. A stirring poem. A hot, steamy story.
A fleeting glimpse of a beautiful young man
caught for one heart-stopping moment
by a predatory photographer.

A good song. A damn good joke.
A lively conversation. A good cry. A good fight.
A flood of new ideas she'd never taken the time to consider.
A different point of view. A good Internet connection.
A good love connection.

An opportunity to make fun of herself.
An opportunity to make fun of her friends.
The ability to say, "You know I was just kidding,"
and read the reply, "Of course I know that."
The joy of finding the other half of her brain
on the opposite side of the country.

A place to use that brain everyday.
A place to feel safe among friends.
Some think the "finer" things in life are bought with money.
A new car. A better house. A fabulous wardrobe.
A faster computer. A pricey vacation.
I feel sorry for those people. If only they could be a DOL for one day,
they'd be happier, smarter, more creative, and more loved.

DOL till I Die!

~ Pagoda ~